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Spam and Abuse Policy

CTMD ESHOP is a retail store that uses a variety of databases to keep your customers informed of news and promotions. We send newsletters to the highest quality standards, and we respect the right of our users and administrators to be removed from our databases.

Please note that sending a commercial advertisement email, even if unsolicited, is not a violation of American Law.

An abuse occurs when the user requests removal, and the provider continues to insist on the shot.

If you are a user, it is highly recommended that you click on the "Remove my Email" option contained in the footer of our newsletters. Alternatively, you may also contact us to be removed.

If you are a Domain Administrator or AntiSpam List Provider, you may also request the removal of a domain, email or IP from our base. For any of these situations, send an email to the contact below, requesting the removal of your domain, IP or E-mail.

If we receive a domain or email removal request, we will clean our base within 24 hours.

These are our domains:


To remove e-mail:

Write to: suporte@ctmd.eng.br
In the body of the Text: Write your email to be removed

To remove domain or IP

Write to: suporte@ctmd.eng.br
In the text body: Type your domain or IP you want to remove

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